Learn Tire Basics for Your Land Rover SUV


Driving in a status symbol like a Land Rover Discovery or Range Rover Sport is something our customers take seriously, so it only makes sense that you want the best for your SUV. Knowing what type of tires to put on your Land Rover Range Rover is important, as is understanding how to spot trouble. Our team wants to help you know everything you need about your SUV’s tires for safer driving.

There are a few basics that every driver should have filed away for later. Here are some important things to remember while driving your Land Rover Range Rover Velar.

  • Proper inflation is key. A placard on the inside of your driver’s side door will tell you how much air to put into your tires. Watch for tires that deflate quickly; there may be a hole.
  • If you see uneven tread wear, cracking or bulging, or if the tread is pulling away from the tire, you need to have them replaced quickly.
  • Tires should be rotated to prevent uneven tread wear. This should be done about every oil change.
  • Tire size is easy to find — it’s located on the sidewall of your tires. These tell you the type of tire it is and what vehicle it goes onto, plus how wide it is, its speed rating, and more. Our team will help you to decipher these letters and numbers, and find you the next set.
  • You’ve heard of the penny test, but have you ever used it? Simply insert Honest Abe head first into your tread, and if it doesn’t reach the top of his head, you have low tread wear.


Our team can help you to find suitable replacements for your tires, plus we can speak to you about whether all-season or summer tires are the way for you to go. If you have questions about your tires, or you are experiencing anything strange, bring your vehicle to us, and we’ll take a look. We want our customers to be safe while driving in a Land Rover Discovery Sport or Range Rover Evoque, and the tires are a main component of safe driving. Contact us today to learn more.